Nature Rope Center St. Linhart


The construction of the rope center at St. Linhart in Karlovy Vary began in the winter of 2012 with an ambitious plan featuring multiple courses, an adventure tower, and a training area. Since then, the rope center has been expanding annually with new attractions. Currently, it stands as one of the most visited rope centers in the Czech Republic.

Over the course of three years, we have developed six circuits and a children’s rope course at the St. Linhart Nature Rope Center in Karlovy Vary. The children’s course, featuring 15 obstacles, is designed for kids as young as 5 years old. Thanks to continuous safety measures, young climbers can venture into the heights independently. From the age of 6, children can tackle the Junior course with 14 obstacles and self-belaying.

For those seeking greater challenges (or perhaps climbing), the Intermediate or High courses await, each featuring 21 and 23 obstacles, respectively, at heights of up to 14 meters above the ground. True connoisseurs and adrenaline enthusiasts can take on the TOP-ROPE route or the Rope Car circuit with 13 fantastic descents.

A collection of low rope obstacles and a forest playground for children aged 3 and up fills the gap for the youngest visitors to the park. The natural playground includes platforms anchored between trees, natural log climbers, rope obstacles, climbing nets, and slides.

Experience the challenge of your choice firsthand! Head to St. Linhart for loads of fun, whether you stay close to the roots or venture up into the highest treetops!

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