Large playgrounds

Build children the largest playground of their dreams! Create a playground so vast that they get lost in the realm of imagination.

Give children the opportunity to experience adventure, explore, create, and tackle challenges in a safe environment.

Do you want something unique and have specific requirements or a complex space?

We will create a custom playground just for you!

What can be included in the playground:

  • Unique wooden and rope climbing structures
  • Play sculptures
  • Interactive play elements – educational, musical, and artistic
  • Net structures
  • Boulder rocks and low climbing walls
  • Rope obstacles and elements from a 3D maze
  • Standard playground equipment (slides, carousels, swings)
  • Suspended rope bridges and walkways over water
  • Furnishings – benches, trash bins, information boards
  • And anything else specifically tailored for you.

Themed Playgrounds

Forest Playgrounds

Play Elements for Forests or Urban Parks. Playground in Natural Style for Schools and Kindergartens. Stay Connected with Nature.

Themed Playgrounds

Water Play Area

Water games are the most popular during those hot summer days. Suitable for squares and forests alike. Using wood, steel, and stone, we create a water world that children will instantly fall in love with. Water is an amazing element that brings life to you.

Themed Playgrounds

Sandbox Playground

Sandboxes are not just for making sandcastles. With sand, you can creatively explore many things that entertain both schoolchildren and adults in a fun way.

Themed Playgrounds

Rope Adventure Course

Climbing, jumping, and balancing on various rope obstacles. Training strength, agility, and endurance. Among trees or poles, in the city or in the forest.
In the design and construction process, we adhere to the prescribed standards ČSN EN 1176–1 (Playgrounds), ČSN EN 15567–1 and ČSN EN 15567–2 (Rope parks and rope courses), as well as relevant regulations. All our structures are certified and completely safe.

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Projects - Large playgrounds

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