Pirate Forest Playground Lesná


What's beyond the rainbow? A magical world of children's imagination and adventure! If you climb up the rainbow in the restless waters of the forest park in Brno Lesná, you'll find yourself aboard a pirate schooner. Hoist the sails, the adventurous voyage is about to begin!

The design of the forest playground was created in our studio based on the request of residents of the Lesná district in Brno to expand the opportunities for active play for young children in the area. The forest park was lacking attractive destinations that would appropriately enhance the natural character of the cultural landscape and its visitation.

The playground was primarily designed for children up to 10 years old. The centrally located workout elements, however, can also be actively used by older children and even adults. Regardless of age, low and balance obstacles are also available. An adjacent natural slope has been transformed into a long curved slide. In the easternmost part of the playground, an original pirate lookout tower is located with play elements that support the pirate theme and encourage active play (peekaboo, pirate spotting game, and more).

The forest playground naturally blends into its surroundings. Its styling and artistic details bring it to life and invite visitors to actively enjoy it.

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