Children's Playground near Prague


The family area with a children's playground near Prague invites people of all age groups to spend their free time outdoors actively. It is conceptually divided into several zones, the composition and design of which partially reflect the nearby protected area of Kulivá hora. Choose an activity according to your taste!

The dominant feature of the park is a climbing attraction with three steel arches and a spatial network reaching up to 4 meters above the terrain. It represents Kulivá hora, and in its ‘foothills,’ there is a ‘forest’ in the form of climbing equipment made from acacia logs, ropes, and relaxation nets. You can also find a small ‘Kulivá hora’ (almost literally) on the playground for the youngest visitors. The hill with a slide and a ball track refers to the locally occurring largest mustelid in our country – the European badger.

The family area Pod Kulivou horou offers various activities for teenagers and adults as well. In the southern part, there is a circuit of low rope and balance obstacles, while in the northern part, there is a fitness zone with three exercise sets. The park also includes a relaxation zone with a gazebo, benches, relaxation loungers, a swinging net, picnic tables, and a barbecue area. More active visitors can make use of the asphalt circuit for biking, scooters, and balance bikes, a cable car, or ping pong tables. The area is complemented by suitable furnishings such as bike stands, bins, drinking fountains, and more.

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