3D Maze and Rope Park Teplice


How challenging is it to navigate through a pile of tomatoes? Can you balance on a candy or toothpaste? Have you ever crawled through a hole in a chocolate bar? Some people might feel dizzy when visiting a shopping center, while for others, it can be a grand adventure. In the new Rope Park Teplice, you can experience all of this together.

We love to embrace interesting ideas and challenges, and creating a sports facility on the roof of a shopping center is certainly one of them. The Rope Park Teplice, which we have built, holds several distinctions. It is the only rope park located on the roof of a building in the entire Czech Republic, and it’s also our first project with a supporting steel structure. In less than 7 weeks, we managed to bring 45 tons of steel onto the roof of the shopping mall and assemble a large puzzle consisting of over 1800 pieces.

We designed the Rope Park Teplice in two sections to cater to a wide range of visitors. The children’s route, in the form of a 3D maze, is suitable for anyone from 3 years old (under supervision) without the need for individual securing. The family route, with 14 obstacles and 2 zip lines at a height of 6 meters above the roof, offers older visitors an exciting challenge with a comfortable and secure continuous self-securing system.

The design of the obstacles was inspired by the shopping center itself – the playful stylization of the park leads visitors through different departments (fruits, cheeses, cosmetics, etc.). The playful concept of the obstacles, which directly encourages overcoming them, is irresistible even to adults.

The year-round Rope Park Teplice makes excellent use of otherwise challenging space, revitalizes the environment, and enhances the service offerings of the shopping center. Its location on the roof attracts visitors from afar, enhances the experience of free movement at height, and offers a unique view of the city.

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