3D maze

Adventure for children and active parents.

Unique attraction created for commercial operation.

Build a 3D Maze! A place for children and adults to spend time together.

Suitable for urban parks, ski resorts, tourist destinations, zoos, forests, mountains, and waterfronts.

What is a 3D maze?

  • A maze of rope elements secured with nets
  • Movement across multiple levels at varying heights above the ground
  • Huts connected by wooden walkways, tall towers filled with game, interactive, and educational elements on various themes
  • A construction tailored to your location and your visitors

Operate a 3D maze, it’s easy!

The 3D maze is a sensation that people will come to from all over the country. It offers a huge capacity for visitors and minimal service requirements.
  • Capacity of over 1,000 visitors per day
  • For all age groups: children, teenagers, adults, and seniors
  • No complex visitor training = minimal staff requirements
  • Year-round operation possible
  • Quality materials = easy maintenance = long attraction lifespan

Why choose the original?

Obstacles Are a Challenge!

The course can be managed by preschoolers and seniors alike, but it's not without its challenges.

Why choose the original?

Designer Huts

It all began with vertical larch latticing. Today, we create hundreds of original designs.

Why choose the original?

Caring for Trees

We anchor the structures to trees without drilling or harming the trunk.

Why choose the original?

No Paternoster

Safe passage between floors is important! We have designed our own solution for that.

Why choose the original?

Steel for Your Grandchildren

All load-bearing parts of the structure are made from hot-dip galvanized steel. The longevity of the attraction depends on it.

Why choose the original?

Solid Ground Under Your Feet

The walkway floors are crafted from Siberian larch, not lightweight nets.

Invest in a 3D Maze. It’s Worth It!

A 3D maze is an attraction designed for commercial use. Choose an attractive tourist location, and a quick return on investment is guaranteed.

We will provide a feasibility study, assist with business planning and marketing, and connect you with successful operators. Based on our experience, the attraction’s profitability (IRR) is around 41%.

A 3D maze will also enhance your existing business in tourism and the entertainment industry.
During design and construction, we adhere to the prescribed standards ČSN EN 15567–1 and ČSN EN 15567–2 (Ropes courses and cableways) and relevant regulations. All our structures are certified (TÜV SÜD) and entirely safe.

Fotogalerie produktu


Is speed, simplicity, and cost your priority? We have Standard 3D Mazes for you.
  • Free Architectural Study
  • Complete Turnkey Construction
  • Installation within 3 months of contract signing
  • The best solution when time is tight and you want to build from scratch.

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