Net Attraction at Mladé Buky


The year-round sports complex of Mladé Buky has expanded with our net playground featuring an observation deck.

In a lesser-utilized section of the scenic meadow, we designed and built an attraction that entices visitors of the complex with picturesque views, play, relaxation, and an unconventional experience. The large play area is situated at a height of 3.5 meters above the ground. It functions partly as a trampoline where one can jump, bounce, or simply sway. To delight and amuse children, we’ve adorned the net surface with playful rubber balloons. The observation deck is positioned at the highest point of the attraction, offering a panoramic view towards the main peak of the Krkonoše Mountains, Mount Sněžka. The entire attraction additionally supports the development of motor skills, coordination, balance, spatial orientation, and children’s creativity.

The net playground is suitable for both children and adults. The Krkonošské version accommodates up to 40 visitors. It requires no training or personnel and is intended for year-round operation, except during the winter season. The entire concept is designed and prepared for future expansion with additional stages and new rope elements.



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