Net Playgrounds

Offline Adventures on the Net

Looking for a unique attraction that you won't find just anywhere?

Elevated Adventure, Distant Vistas

Imagine a massive trampoline high up in the treetops. Endless jumping platforms, networked climbing structures, and slides.

Each playground is custom-designed for your specifications and location. We carefully select the composition of net areas and play elements to perfectly serve visitors and allow for commercial operations.

What a Net Playground Offers:

  • Playground in the heights with stunning vistas
  • Play area enclosed on all sides by nets
  • Nets serving as both structural and play elements, doubling as impact surfaces
  • Expansive net surfaces, adventurous connecting pathways, rope play elements
  • Construction of lightweight structures on living trees or steel poles

Shared Experiences for the Whole Family

A single space for everyone. This isn’t just a playground for kids; it’s a gathering spot for all generations.

Inspire movement, enjoy playtime, and have fun together. Compete and race with friends. Rest when your legs tire.

For Commercial Operations and Business Support

A net playground is prepared for high visitor capacity and requires minimal supervision. It offers profitable operations and a quick return on investment.

The genius lies in connecting net attractions with a 3D maze, creating an entertainment zone where people can spend entire afternoons.

The net playground can operate in tourist resorts, aquaparks, zoos, and urban parks.

Among trees, on poles, in forests, on “green meadows,” and even inside buildings.

Net Playgrounds

Net Trampolines

Large net surfaces enable jumping like on a trampoline, several meters above the ground!

Net Playgrounds

Relaxing Nets

The nets are inviting for family relaxation in the shade of trees and for swaying in hammocks.

Net Playgrounds

Rope Obstacles

Simple climbing frames for children, athletic challenges for adults. Active movement that's all about fun.

Net Playgrounds

Action Climbing Frames

Climb up and down. Vertical movement in a multi-level attraction is another adventure.

Net Playgrounds

Net Walkways

Connecting pathways turn individual playgrounds into one large maze.

Net Playgrounds

Games in Nets

We can enhance the space for free play and fun with unique equipment.

Subtle yet High-Quality and Safe

The net structures are created using knotless polypropylene nets. Floor nets are installed in three layers for greater durability and easier replacement. Tree anchoring is non-invasive, and we do not drill into or damage the trees in any way.

During design and construction, we adhere to prescribed European standards and relevant regulations.

All of our structures are certified (TÜV SÜD) and completely safe.

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We also offer the net playground in a standard design – in a smaller and larger version:
  • Area: 90 m2
  • Capacity: 25 people
  • Available in two color options
  • Secure net entry
  • Area: 180 m2
  • Capacity: 50 people
  • Available in five design options
  • Two net areas
  • Entry through a design tower, slide / toboggan

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