Forest Playground on the Gemstone Path


Let yourself be enchanted by the diversity of rare aquamarines. Another one of our original forest playgrounds has grown on the eastern outskirts of the town of Písek. You can now spice up your stroll along the Gemstone Path with activities like climbing the Diamond or enjoying the view from the roof of the crystal-shaped playhouse.

This forest playground is an extension of the educational Gemstone Path, which refers to the occurrence of mineral deposits in the vicinity of Písek. In addition to feldspars and quartz, there were also deposits of gem-quality minerals, aquamarine crystals, and golden beryl in this area in the past. Their colors and crystal shapes have been reflected in the composition of the play elements and the visual design of the playground for children aged 3 to 15.

Along the route of 10 low rope obstacles, you can practice your agility and creativity in overcoming them. In the center, you’ll find a playhouse shaped like tilted crystals, which invites free play and hiding with its diversity. The forest playground also features a wooden climbing roof and balancing beams.

The theme of rare stones connects the forest playground with our neighboring attraction for bigger adventurers – don’t forget to try the crystal-inspired 3D maze on the Gemstone Path as well.

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