How do we work?

We work as architects, designers, and builders.

No more castles in the air, unfeasible solutions, and endless excuses to suppliers. By combining design and construction activities, we'll oversee your project from the initial sketch to the last screw. We won't leave you hanging, even when it needs dusting off and revitalizing after years.

With years of experience, we've defined a clear process that leads to a successful outcome. We'll guide you step by step through the entire procedure so that you can fully rely on us. You can focus on your work with a clear mind while we build your dream.

6 steps to a unique masterpiece that you won't find in any e-shop.


Architectural concept

At the beginning are your dreams, ideas, and needs.
We will study the possibilities of your location, your requirements, and find the best solution. The initial drawings, sketches, and visualizations are the fundamental pieces of the puzzle that you will receive from us.

Project documentation

Do you need a project for building permits for a larger construction?
You don't have to wander around and approach other architectural studios; we will provide you with all the necessary documentation.
Just like a structural analysis, execution documentation, or production drawings down to the smallest detail.
You can find all the details on the website


Those who are prepared aren't surprised.
We dedicate ample time to preparing the execution to ensure the work is ready in maximum quality and within the agreed timeframe, enabling immediate operation. We source better and more affordable raw material suppliers to save you money. We manufacture semi-finished products to expedite on-site construction.


Be with us as your dreams become reality!
During the execution, we rigorously adhere to safety protocols and technological procedures.
We build in accordance with relevant European standards, common sense, and extensive experience.


We hand over each project with all the necessary equipment for smooth operation.
Part of the delivery includes a certificate (TÜV SÜD), a declaration of conformity, user manual, operational guidelines, and all operational documentation.


We will take care of your project from the initial idea to the end of its lifespan!
As part of our attraction delivery, we offer services that extend throughout the equipment's lifespan - operator training, regular annual inspections, repairs...
Entrust your project to us, take advantage of our authorized service.

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Unipark s.r.o.
Slavkovská 210
059 86 Nová Lesná
Slovenská republika

IČ: 52 206 092 | DIČ: 2121136941

Registered in the Commercial Register of the District Court of Prešov, Section Sro, Insert 37748/P.
Mgr. Vladislav Novýsedlák
+421 918 642 008
Office Address
Slavkovská 699
059 86 Nová Lesná
Slovenská republika

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