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3D maze

Challenging a 3D maze high above the ground… that is an adventure for active families!

An investment which pays off. 3D maze is a trend for 2019.

  • Do you want a unique attraction that people find worth travelling a hundred kilometres?
  • Do you want to offer fun to families – full of adventure but absolutely safe?
  • A facility with incredible visitor capacity but very low staff requirements?

Build the biggest 3D maze ever! Contact us!

We create 3D mazes tailored to clients' needs - their vision, location and environment - simply originals that are successful. However, we do not forget those who prefer quickness, simplicity and price. Therefore, your 3D maze can be either completely unique or we can easily build a predesigned 3D maze for you.


What does a 3D maze mean:

  • A rope maze secured by nets
  • Allows movement in several floors in various heights above the ground
  • Treetop walks and look-out platforms in treetops
  • Treehouses with many possible functions
  • … all without complicated belaying, client training or staff requirements

Where to build a 3D maze:

  • In popular tourist destinations with high visit rate
  • In ski and mountain resorts
  • In the vicinity of hotels and in recreational resorts
  • In zoos
  • In cities – as an indoor/outdoor variants


  • Can be built almost everywhere – on greenfield land, in forest, in cities, indoors
  • Profitable business and interesting investment
  • Amazing visitor capacity
  • For all age groups
  • Can be operated all over the year
  • No complicated client training = minimal staff requirements
  • Wide variability of elements, uniqueness

Both the designs and realizations comply with specified standards ČSN EN 15567–1 and ČSN EN 15567–2 (Rope parks and zip-lines) and relevant regulations. All our constructions are certified and completely safe.

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