Children's Playground in Qatar


Doha. 46°C in the shade. 86% humidity. 15 days of installation. 15 play elements made of tropical wood and steel. 4 Unipark employees + countless local workers. Truly an intense experience!

We’d like to share an excerpt from the Qatari Diary:
Day 7.
42°C in the shade. Heat. Little water. Fight for survival. Tomáš is starting to turn purple, a sign of overheating, we move to air conditioning. It’s really at its limit. Installation of obstacles No. 9 and 13, work on No. 15 in progress.
Today digging began. We finally moved from a pickaxe and a small excavator to a 20-ton behemoth, which established order on the construction site and attempted to dig through to the other side of the earth. A part of the just repaired (for the third time) fence served as a sacrifice. Jarka will be happy, we’re digging precisely according to the drawing documentation. We’re trying to maintain mastodon craters at around +-1.5m3 per scoop. Smaller units are not customary here. ‘Concrete no problem!’

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