Zipline and other attractions

With speeds of up to 160 km/h, you can zip several kilometers over deep valleys, river canyons, lakes, and tall forests.

Do you want to build the fastest, longest, or most intriguing zipline in the world? Invest in adrenaline!

What is Zipline:

  • Zipline is an adrenaline-fueled descent on a steel cable
    You’ll soar through the air in a specially designed harness at speeds up to 160 km/h
    Utilizing the most cutting-edge technology of today – we’ll select the best system for you from our partners

Key Advantages:

  • Fast return on investment – a perfect product for commercial operations
  • Appeals to a wide target audience with high throughput
  • Maximum emotions with minimal effort
  • Maximum safety
  • Shared experiences – parallel rides for up to 4 people
  • Operational 365 days a year, weather permitting
  • Zero energy consumption for operation
  • Option to build a zipline tour – multiple connected sections of various lengths, even several kilometers
  • Option to utilize existing natural features or structures for the starting and landing platforms

Technical Specifications:

  • Zipline length can range from 300 m – 2 km depending on the chosen technology
  • Special pulleys with brakes to prevent pulley from returning (e.g., Impact Trolley)
  • Magnetic induction braking system at the landing (e.g., Zipstop)
  • Various technology and safety equipment options (e.g., ZipRider, ZipTour, ZipTour Hybrid)

Zipline Construction Process:

  • Feasibility study – site assessment, suitable system and technology proposal, basic cost estimation
  • Technical study – determination of geotechnical conditions, layout and positioning of the attraction within the terrain, establishment of construction and construction of starting and landing towers, static calculations, budget
  • Construction schedule and contract
  • Preparation, production, and realization
  • Handover of the project with all necessary documentation
  • Operator training and delivery of safety equipment

Ecozip Zipline Specialties

The treetop mountain coaster is an adrenaline factory! A brilliantly designed system of extreme zip lines from our Italian partner Martello. Maximum adrenaline rush in a completely safe environment, immense speed, sharp turns, and loops!

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