Lookout Towers and Viewpoints

Come with us higher!

Take a step back and view it with perspective. Take a stroll into the clouds! A lookout tower as a unique architectural entry into the landscape. An adrenaline-filled tower for a high altitude experience!

Lookout Towers and Views

People have always sought out the hilltops and cliffs, where the wind blows and the world below appears tiny.
Come support them in harmony with nature and with respect for the laws.

Do you have a place with a distant view?

We will create a lookout sensitively integrated into the landscape.
We’ll start with an architectural design that highlights the local genius loci. Then, based on careful structural calculations, we’ll design the construction. The result will be a unique structure that you can confidently explore with your sandals, with a preschooler, or with your grandmother.
A special variant of the lookout tower is the treetop walkway.

Adrenaline Towers

The challenge of ascending and the rush of adrenaline while descending!
All of this is made possible by an adrenaline tower with an abundance of attractions. The fact that you can see into the distance from the top floor is just the icing on the cake.

Which attractions to choose?

  • Giant swing – a large swing for up to 3 people
  • Quick jump – Free Fall device – simulating a free fall
  • Tarzan jump – jump on a bar
  • Climbing wall with a Trublue safety system
  • Vertical rope obstacles
  • Via ferrata trainer
  • The adrenaline tower is an ideal gateway to other attractions – such as 3D mazes or Ziplines.
In the design and construction, we adhere to the prescribed standards ČSN EN 15567–1 and ČSN EN 15567–2, building regulations, and relevant ordinances. All our structures are certified (TÜV SÜD) and completely safe.

Which attractions to choose?

Giant Swing

Big swing for up to 3 people.

Which attractions to choose?

Quick jump – Free Fall Device

Free fall simulator.

Which attractions to choose?

Tarzan Jump

Adrenaline jump on a bar.

Which attractions to choose?

Climbing Wall

Climbing with the self-belaying Trublue system.

Which attractions to choose?

Vertical Obstacles

The journey upwards can also be an adrenaline rush!

Which attractions to choose?


Adrenaline turned up to the maximum!

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