Who We Are

We design, plan, and build unique attractions for people.
For over 15 years, and we still love doing it...

Will We Understand Each Other?

We love coffee, your dreams and ideas, crazy notions, and wishes that seem impossible.
We are ready to work alongside you in creating diverse, welcoming, and high-quality public spaces for all generations.
Places where people will enjoy returning, spaces for communities to care for.

We aim to create extraordinary tourist destinations where the joy of shared play and the pride of overcoming obstacles prevail.
Subtle and grand structures where unforgettable experiences and beautiful memories are born.

Such a world makes sense to us, and that's the world we're building.

History and Present in a Nutshell

Our experiences date back to 1996 when we began constructing rope parks, outdoor programs, and experiential education. We were at the forefront of establishing the first commercially utilized rope center in the Czech Republic, and over the years, we've evolved into a leading manufacturer of tree-based rope parks.

Since 2012, we've shifted our focus more towards design and projects, expanding our offerings to a dozen products.
Today, we are a stable company in the field, providing our clients with comprehensive, high-quality leisure facility solutions, including necessary certification, consulting, and service.

You can find our branches in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, yet we build all around the world.
We have our own architectural and design studio, development center, production hall, a well-coordinated installation team, and dedicated service personnel.


We ask what purpose the construction serves and how it can fulfill people's needs.

I want to be inspired


We only design and build structures we can still be proud of years later.

I want to be inspired


We take care of your project from the first thought to the end of its lifespan.

I want to be inspired


We believe that each place and each assignment deserves its own unique solution.

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We design structures as a natural part of the landscape. We strive to minimize the impact on the environment.

I want to be inspired

Education and Development

We continuously learn and develop new technologies. In our field, we aim to always be one step ahead.

I want to be inspired

The virtual world has its limits...

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Unipark s.r.o.
Slavkovská 210
059 86 Nová Lesná
Slovenská republika

IČ: 52 206 092 | DIČ: 2121136941

Registered in the Commercial Register of the District Court of Prešov, Section Sro, Insert 37748/P.
Mgr. Vladislav Novýsedlák
+421 918 642 008

Office Address
Slavkovská 699
059 86 Nová Lesná
Slovenská republika

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