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Unique adventure parks

We keep on building adventure parks since 2005. In every construction we make use of the 14 years of experience.

Adventure parks and ropes centres are market evergreens, as they are popular places for spending leisure time in an active way. Currently, „adventure park tourism“ is becoming a mass feature, popular with many individuals and families.

If you want to pursue a well-established tradition, there are adventure parks – made by our company. They are unique, high-quality and safe.

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Our offer:

  • Construction of rope parks on trees, wooden poles or existing building structures
  • Classic and design rope obstacles of varying difficulty
  • Construction of common and special lifts - Zip line
  • Standard or continuous belay systems (Clic-it, Saferoller)
  • Rope centers with nets - we call them 3D mazes
  • Low rope courses without the need to belay
  • Adrenaline towers with Bigswing or QuickJump attractions
  • Revision, maintenance, repairs and certification of rope parks and centers
  • Instructor training
  • Sale of specialised equipment

Why to build an adventure park?:

  • People will always love adventure and challenge high above the ground! (adventure parks with self-belay)
  • Rope elements are a great tool for personal development (ropes courses for teambuilding)
  • You will create the perfect place for a family trip (family and children’s adventure parks)

Both designs and realizations comply with specified standards ČSN EN 15567–1 and ČSN EN 15567–2 and relevant regulations. All our constructions are certified and safe.

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