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Treetop walks

Are you entrapped by observing world from high above the ground? Are you interested in new, original points of view?

A treetop can take you to a view point, to a tree restaurant, or over an elephant-run!

Offer to your clients an original adventure and a new point of view. Contact us!

A treetop can be:

  • An easy walk along foot bridges between trees
  • Combined with elements of the 3D maze to get a bit of adrenaline
  • Full of lovely stands – observatory, educational, musical, …
  • With treehouses for various purposes – snack bar, exhibition, ...
  • A few feet above the ground or really high in the treetops
  • Accessible to almost everyone
  • ... and this all without complicated belaying, client training or staff requirements

Where to build a treetop walk:

  • In popular tourist destinations with high visit rate
  • In attractive nature reserves/protected areas, where the is not allow to construct buildings on the ground
  • In ski resorts
  • In zoos
  • In city forest parks
  • Over a stream as a bridge


  • Can be built on almost any fully grown, healthy tree
  • Wide variability – from short foot-bridges to complex systems
  • Profitable operation and interesting investment
  • Amazing customer capacity
  • For all age groups
  • Can be operated all over the year

Both the designs and realizations comply with specified standards ČSN EN 15567–1 and ČSN EN 15567–2 (Rope parks and zip-lines) and relevant regulations. All our constructions are certified and completely safe.

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