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Enjoy your time up in the treetops!

A treehouse is a dream, for children as well as for many adults. They offer a close contact with nature, relaxation in shade and a unique place for spending your leisure time.

Treehouses for private use and commercial purposes. Offer to your clients an attractive trip destination, room for relaxation or original lodging!

What shall your treehouse look like? Contact us!

A treehouse can be:

  • Children’s hiding place full of secrets
  • A little pavilion for family meetings
  • A lookout for observing birds in the forest
  • A cosy bedroom in a campsite
  • Observation snack-bar on a river bank
  • Untypical exhibition stand
  • Part of the 3D maze or treetop walk

What options are there:

  • Can be built in almost any fully grown, healthy tree
  • From small houses up to systems of large houses connected by foot bridges
  • Unique design and construction solutions
  • Unlimited options of use for different type of operation
  • Various possibilities of roofing, access and safety
  • Can be supplied with electricity or other mains, fitted furniture

How we build treehouses:

  • We process a dendrology expertise and provide a protective cut of the tree(s).
  • We use a non-invasive way of fitting the house to the tree. The tree will never be damaged.
  • Thanks careful pre-manufacturing, the installation in the tree is very fast.
  • We follow all relevant standards, building rules and regulations to render the construction 100% functional and safe.
  • We use the best accessible materials to ensure a long operating time.
  • We use our long-term experience from constructing Adventure parks and playgrounds.
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