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Lookouts and towers

Look at things from above. Have a walk towards the clouds.

Lookouts as a unique part of landscape architecture.
Adrenaline tower for enjoyment of the heights.

Let’s go higher! Contact us!

Rozhledny a věže Unipark

Lookouts and viewpoints

People from the ancient times seek out tops of hills and rocks, where the wind blows and the world down below looks tiny.
You can fullfill their need and it can be done in harmony with nature and with respect to laws.

We will begin with an architectonic design, which will support genius loci. Then we will create construction according to thorough static calculations. The result will be a unique construction upon wich you can easilly climb with confidence in flip-flops and where you can take a pre-schooler or your grandmum.

Special alternative to a lookout is a treetop walkway.


Adrenaline towers

A challenge on the way up and adrenaline when flying down!
All of the above will be provided to you by an adrenaline tower with multiple types of attractions. Cherry on top is the view from the highest level.

Which attractions to choose?

  • Big swing – swing for up to 3 people
  • Quick jump – Free fall simulation device
  • Tarzan jump – jump on trapeze
  • Climbing wall with safety system Trublue
  • Vertical rope obstacles
  • Via ferrata training system

Adrenaline tower is the perfect boarding for other constructions – e.g. 3D-maze or Zipline.

Rozhledny a věže Unipark

During design and construction we follow required norms ČSN EN 1556-7, ČSN EN 15567-2 and all relevant decrees. All of our constructions are certified (TÜV SÜD) and secure.