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What do you envision when you hear "original workout"? Set aside your conventional ideas and don't confine yourself to the ground. For a private investor, we designed and built a unique fitness tower where the letter "W" definitely signifies more than just a workout...

The client’s request was to create a design for a sports and entertainment tower in the landscaped part of a private garden, primarily featuring workout elements. We crafted an original structure that offers a surprisingly diverse array of intriguing options for training, adrenaline experiences, and fun.

The tower’s construction visually forms the letter “W” (for workout), with its sloping surfaces serving as the foundation for bouldering walls with various inclines. The tower includes classic exercise elements: two parallel bars, short and long grip handles, pegs, an inclined bench, fish-scale steps, and a punching bag. Additionally, rings, TRX straps, and more can be suspended as needed. Separate components include a pull-up bar and a slackline.

At a height of 4 meters, a horizontal platform on the tower functions as both a ceiling and a starting point for a 30-meter-long zipline. Access to the platform is facilitated by three more training elements: a rope ladder, a climbing bar, and a rope net. Beyond its sporting use, the fitness tower also serves as an observation point overlooking the garden and surrounding landscape. From the upper platform, visitors can traverse a rope bridge to reach a height of 6 meters, where another attraction— the big swing—awaits the adventurous, in addition to a beautiful view.

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