Red Panda Play Sculpture


Regular playgrounds no longer excite you? We redefine the word "original" ;o) We've built a custom-made, one-of-a-kind playground for Chomutov Zoopark. The life-sized red panda will amaze you, even if you've long outgrown traditional playgrounds.

The red panda is an original 7-meter-long and 2.5-meter-tall wooden play sculpture. Its design includes climbing elements, a cubby house, a mini climbing wall, and a slide all in one. Thanks to its size, realistic proportions, and colors, it’s a perfect attraction for both young and adult visitors.
The play sculpture is designed to be climbed on all of its parts. It’s primarily intended for younger children, but the structure’s strength allows access for adults as well. Using holds on the hind paws, you can climb up to the platform above the tail. From there, you can climb along the panda’s back or crawl inside all the way up to its head. Through open windows, you can see the world from a predator’s perspective, and then slide back down to the ground through the hidden slide in the tail.
Would you like a similar sculpture for your location? We’ll build an original play sculpture according to your vision!

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